Slow Burn 🔥

It’s a slow burrrerernnn! I love Kacey musgraves even though I really don’t like country music. But some of her songs are some of my favorites! Aka High Horse, Rainbow, Slow Burn… and list goes on. Any who, back to my post. The reason I named this one Slow Burn is because I have been trying to get back into yoga recently and I took a class called slow burn. It is not as intense as hot yoga or power yoga. But it definitely burns! It was not as fast paced as power yoga but just as difficult. And it wasn’t as slow as yin yoga. It was like the perfect flow. I also took class when I was really sore from the hot yoga class the day before so I couldn’t do as many chaturangas as the class called for due to my shoulder. That’s another thing, I was doing tons of yoga back in 2017, but then the cost was a little too high for me to keep going. After I stopped going as much I gained weight. After a few months I started going to a bootcamp gym and that’s where my bad shoulder starting acting up (I hurt my shoulder in Pom during high school because we had to use wrist waits during practice to make our moves sharper). My shoulder has been pretty much crappy since 2018 so I was scared to do yoga in case it made my shoulder worse. Back in summer 2020 I started weight lifting and that helped my shoulder build up some muscles so I could do more at the gym (just not lift too heavy). Well back in December my gym closed it’s doors, but they still had their other gym open in Moore. I wasn’t about to drive 20 minutes from my house to a 30 minute workout and drive the 20 minutes back home. The gym that closed was like 8 minutes from my house. Also their Moore gym was a lot smaller and with Covid I did not want to be that close to people even with a mask on. But good news is they built a bigger gym in Moore that’s right off the highway (still 20 min from my house, but easy to get there). So I am going back to bootcamp Monday, Wednesdays, and Fridays and continuing yoga Tuesday, Thursday and maybe Saturday or Sunday. I honestly need to loose the 30 pounds I’ve gained since March! Okay where was I going with this post? I kind of went off on a tangent haha. Oh yea back to the slow burn yoga class, I liked a lot of the music she used and I remembered a few and ended up making a playlist right after class. I also added in some songs from the hot yoga class I had had the day before. I signed up for a year membership of virtual classes with this yoga place so when I do that you can’t really hear the music being played in class, so I needed a new playlist for that. I already have a relaxing playlist that can be used to yoga, shavasana, meditating, sleeping, or taking a bubble bath. I’m going to link the two playlists below! The slow burn is more for the quicker paced yoga (but also a slow burn class) and the relax playlist is more for a relaxing flow or just to relax in general! Hope you like!



Disclaimer* it’s a good idea to not listen to the relax playlist while driving in case you fall asleep! 😴🥱

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