What’s goin on?

Wow it has been 2 months since my last post?! How can that be? I guess life gets in the way sometimes and there’s barely any time to sit and reflect. The past 2 months I have done a 6 week bootcamp challenge, as well as 6 weeks of barbell. I’ll post more details below! I have also put money down on two BIG things! It’s been crazy! 😜 I think one of my last posts I was talking about my fertility journey, but here’s the news-I’m not pregnant, unfortunately. Oh well gives me more time to travel & do things before coming a mom! Although I have been depressed about it and seeing all these pregnancy announcements, I know my day will come at the perfect time. #positivevibes

Back to my bootcamp challenge. So I signed up for this challenge to try and get back on track from gaining 30+ lbs this past year (thanks hormones & covid). All was well the first 2 weeks, but then a big snowstorm hit, and work got even busier and I was just stressed focusing on other things. I could not focus on working out every day and eating healthier (I.e. no fast food). I still worked out and went to boot camp, but I feel like I missed a lot of barbell classes (weightlifting). My weight then became stagnant. I was still loosing inches though so I guess I was building muscle from the workouts I did do! We got a week added on because of the snowstorm and so after the 7 weeks I ended up loosing maybe 2 lbs and 9.5 inches. Not as much as I was expecting and I still can’t fit into my pre-pandemic jeans. Due to some financial constraints, I decided to leave my bootcamp family and start working out a cheaper gym that’s only $10/month as well as some yoga classes here & there. The past few weeks after the challenge I went balls to the wall eating out all the time and not tracking any food. This helped my stress tremendously and I felt free. My butt and thighs thought otherwise in my jeans so this week I had to make a change! I ended up signing up for weight watchers so I can be more cognizant of what I eat and it’s only $21/month!

Okay let’s back track to my fertility journey. After January I was really hoping I would be pregnant. Then February came and I had missed my period! I kept testing and waiting and everything came back negative. I even when to the doctor and got a blood test that was also negative. It super bummed me out. So my husband and I discussed it and decided to stop tracking everything and actively trying for a few months. We also do not want a Christmas baby so that aligns with our scheduling 😂 but if we were to get pregnant now and it was a December baby, I mean we’ll take whatever we can get! Well after my missed February period I stopped tracking my temperature and ovulation. I was still stressed out from some other things and I got super obsessive tracking my food. So much that I would try and stay under my calories and not really get any food to fuel my body-just constantly worrying about how much protein I was getting. This did a number on my mental health and my past eating disorders tried to come in and take over. But then on the weekends when I was with Steve I would binge and binge and binge. I was back to disordered eating and I was stressed and depressed. You don’t wanna be in that mindset trying to get pregnant either! So I knew I needed to try and relax and stop tracking everything. And what do you know a day after I stopped worrying and tracking I got my period! It had been over 60 days! But now I am feeling a lot better and with the weight watchers I don’t track my calories I’m just more conscious of what foods are better for me and which are zero points. Also I’m realizing how some of my favorite healthy snacks are not as healthy as I thought 🙃

I have started working out with my oldest friend since she moved back to Oklahoma! It has been a blast after hardly getting to see her the past 5 years! Now I get to see her multiple times a week and it feels like old times! With spring’s arrival I feel like things are moving in the right direction and I’m excited for what’s to come! 🌸🌺🍄🌱☀️

2 lbs & 9.5 inches down

Allow me to re-introduce myself

My name is HOV! H-to the O-V… okay okay that’s totally like 12 years old but whatever! Here I am. This is my first post. I am shy and awkward so this is something way new to me. I can type out long, lengthy(ok that’s just saying the same thing haha), informative emails and texts in my everyday life….but I can’t talk to people AT ALL. My name is Audrey and I have always be told I am weird, odd, & crazy my whole life. I used to hate my name… Audrey… no one else really had it and the only celebrities were Audrey Hepburn and Faith Hill (her first name is Audrey and her birthday is the same as mine 😜). I used to hate being called weird too. To me it seemed rude when I was a young, sensitive little girl…but now I’m just like hell ya I’m weird! But I’m not really like weird weird if you know what I mean. I’m still like cool and also nerdy and goofy. I’m just an odd cat. Lol get it. I started to grow to like my name because some people called me Aud and I was like ‘hey that’s funny, I am ODD’. Haha I am such a dork but whatevs you either love me or hate me! Or ya just don’t know me 🙃 okay I feel like I’m being annoying. You just wanna know the basics, right?

I am a 29 year old woman. I was born and raised in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and I still live there. I am married to my husband since 2020(pre-COVID) and we’ve been together since 2013! We have know each other since 6th grade…we were 11 and now we’re 29. Holy shit that’s I long time! (Sorry forgot to mention sometimes I curse like a sailor…I blame it on my husband…I didn’t used to be this way haha). I am a civil engineer who works in and manages construction. I don’t really know if that’s my calling, but I was a nerd and liked calculus & science in high school and college. My parents were both engineers so it runs in the family. I’m not the greatest in grammar or spelling, because you know I liked the math more haha. I also throw in hahas and lols all the time because.. ANXIETY. You know how it goes. Also about me-I have various health issues including bipolar disorder 2, anxiety/panic disorder, PTSD, chronic sinusitis, asthma, sumner triad syndrome(I’m allergic to aspirin/NSAIDS), endometriosis, &PCOS. I think that’s it haha. So my life is always interesting and I’m usually in pain in someway!

Join me on my journeys through this odd life. I will share stories of my experiences with my health, give advice like I do all of my family & friends, and also about my adventures to come.