If ginny weasley was a slytherin

Oh queso. I recently got bright orange hair so I have been channeling my inner red head. I also love Harry Potter. I am definitely a Slytherin and so is my husband, but growing up he reminded me of Harry Potter and I reminded him of Hermione Granger. We definitely bonded over Harry Potter back in middle school and we both still love it so much. So this is kind of how I came about this post “if Ginny Weasley was a Slytherin” ya know since she had red hair, but was in Gryffindor. If she were a Slytherin I feel like she would be more feisty, but still have a crush on Harry. Her whole family of redheads were all in Gryffindor, so if she was indeed a Slytherin…she would be kind of a rebel and have that bad girl vibe. So to channel that into my actual life I went and bought two green & black plaid skirts. Boy they are sexy as hell, but I CANNOT wear them in public hahaha. Oh well I can play dress up right? To also help me express this Ginny from a different reality I created a playlist.

I have always created various playlists and burnt CDs when those were a thing haha. My friends always loved the ‘mix tapes’ I made in CDs and they always said I knew of all of the music and had good music taste. I feel like that has to do with my 15+ years of dancing. So many songs I danced to and so many songs I heard at dance competitions. Look at my playlist below!